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The sublime Gorges de l’Ardèche

Admire the Gorges de l’Ardèche


32km of spectacular gorges in the heart of southern Ardèche! That is for lovers of outstanding landscapes…

It took more than one hundred million years to the waters of the famous Ardéchoise River to dig this deep

canyon. The result is breathtaking: a huge parade of limestone cliffs up to 300 meters high, all in a nature

remained wild and protected.

Discover le Pays de Grignan

Le pays de Grignan: this is la Provence, its sun, lights, scents and flavours …

This is an exceptional historical heritage with its castle, hilltop villages and medieval chapels.

This is a nature, which offers generously its wines, truffles, honey and olives …

This is a welcoming land where you will want to stay, stroll and go hiking …

Stroll on the markets of Provence

The famous markets of Provence… Go for a walk, to stroll and to fill your fridge with healthy and organic products:

Southern fruits and vegetables, olives and olive oil, cheeses, honey and garlic…

What a pleasure to explore the colourful stalls with the scents of Provence !


Photo: Nyons, our favourite ...

Taste the nougat de Montélimar

Here you are at the gateway of the sun, between Ardèche and Provence, where you can hear the cicadas

in summer and where the first lavender fields arise. Welcome to Montélimar, capital of the nougat.

The nougat appeared in the 17th century but it has never been possible to find the name of the creator!

We only know that Olivier de Serres introduced the first almond trees of the region at the end of

the 16th century.

The story of the nougat is born with the cultivation of almond trees and the beekeeping: almonds and honey

are the main ingredients! Enjoy!

Discovering hilltop villages

From Vercors to Provence, all along the Drôme valley, dozens of hilltop villages unfold.

Discover some of these typical villages of Drôme: they are all magnificent.

Mirmande is the favourite of artists, Suze la Rousse and the wine university,

Marsanne, Le Poêt-Laval, Cliousclat and many others …

Let’s go to the wines road


Welcome to the south of the Rhône Valley where the green of vine culture predominates and sublimates

the blue of the lavender fields and the green gray of the olive groves… These colourful and hilly landscapes

inspire many painters.

Open the door of the winegrowers’ cellars: they have many ideas to share their passion. They offer many

activities related to wine tourism that is growing in an original way with warm encounters.

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